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Wedding album page PVC card white card black card distinction

Wedding album page: PVC card, white card, black card distinction

1, pages white card, if it is summer white card ready, then it would be better in the winter, for example: Xiamen humidity here too, the paper easily deformed, if it will not have these problems occur in the north. Because the paper itself will absorb moisture in the air.

2, black card, which is characterized by the appearance of more good-looking, but the deformation is very high probability of a black card. Try not to use the black card.

3, the use of PVC album pages do cardboard。

1) It is characterized by thin, compared to the inside pages than the black card with white card to be heavy, this will result in higher freight (example: a 10-inch piece will probably differ 10P 200 g or 300 g).

2) PVC surface with small particles. From the side, the bad PVC material, uneven color.。

3) If the PVC material used for over three years, then it will shrink about 0.5CM. The reason is that PVC card is out of the pressure inside the active elements as well as the presence of chemical molecules。

4, there is another way is to use pvc +170 g cardboard, PVC is the surface plus a 170G cardboard, so most will not be deformed, but the production process is more cumbersome.

5, the so-called deformation: a wave deformation or arched shape.

1) the weather is too wet, the booklet pages will appear wavy edges

2) the weather is too dry, the page booklet will appear arched shape.

6, cardboard and PVC tests.

Albums are split by a cardboard made ​​with paper

Two kinds of materials with different abilities to absorb moisture

1)      The cardboard thrown into the water, immediately dry it is deformed,

2)      Paper thrown into the water, immediately dry it will not change neither

3)      PVC dumped into the water, how long it took them to dry, it does not change

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