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What methods of payment do you accept?

  We accept Paypal , western.

 What cover do you do?

We can do 4 style cover:
1. Leather Cover

2. Leather printing Cover

3. Color Glass Cover

4. Photo Cover

5. Acrylic Cover

 How many is the bleeding size?

Usually the files’s around about 0.5cm will be crop and make sure the album is trim when we finsh binding,the bleeding size is around 0.5cm when you desing artwork,please take care it.

In what resolution and format should the photographs be?

We prefer high-resolution files. We accept raw and jpg formats. Jpgs must be 300 dpi.

What size album can you do?

We can offer following album size:

1. 5X7″ Vertical & Horizontal
2. 8X12″ Vertical & Horizontal
3. 8X10″ Vertical & Horizontal
4. 10X14″ Vertical & Horizontal

5. 11X14″ Vertical & Horizontal
6. 12X16″ Vertical & Horizontal
7. 12X18″ Vertical & Horizontal
8. 10 x 10″ Square
9.  12 x 12″ Square
10. 15 x 15″ Square

Can you do matt or gloss UV coating?

Yes, we can do Matt and Gloss UV coating.

What’s the Max pages for album?

The Max page is 30Spread 60sides) for flush mount albu; the Max page is 40spread(80Sdies) for the coffe table book.

  How do i upload files to you? is the easiest way to store and transfer large image files over the internet. No software installation is required, simply use your web browser to upload your images. Please contact us to receive a link to upload your images.

How do I take care of my Photobooks?

Our Premium Photobooks are sturdy products. Like any book they must be treated with respect to keep them in optimum condition. We advise the following:
1. Open on a flat surface – bending back the cover could potentially damage the spine
2. Front and back covers are scratch resistant but not scratch proof, so take care near sharp objects
3. When not in use store your Photobooks closed, and preferably flat, to reduce pressure on the spine
4. Photobooks are not water-proof, so please take care near liquids
5. Photographs may fade over time if left in direct sunlight

6. When taking Photobooks outside use the box to protect them from the elements.

What is the difference between Landscape and Portrait and Square?How much do the larger Photobooks weigh?

Our Photobooks are sturdy products – they are hard bound with rigid inside pages. This gives a premium look and feel, and means the largest Photobooks are weighty products.
Approximate weights of largest Photobooks (excluding presentation box):
12″ x 16″: 10 pages = 3kg;   35 pages = 5kg
12″ x 18″: 10 pages = 3.5kg;   35 pages = 6kg

 Do I have to be a photographer in order to use your service?

Yes. We only sell our albums to professional photographers.

What is the difference between pure photo paper and press printing?

Pure photographic paper is widely used by professional photographers due to their excellent flesh tone reproduction, stunning bold colors, and intense black pigmentation.  The biggest difference between pure photographic paper and press printing is that pure photographic paper uses laser to expose to light sensitive emulsions of photographic paper and press printing prints using ink to create dot patterns.  For this main reason, pure photo paper is far more superior in quality when compared to press printing.

Do you offer any design templates?

Yes, we offer basic templates in .PSD Adobe Photoshop format at no additional charge.

What is the normal production time for flush mount albums?

Once we receive all your files and payment is processed, our print and bind service for a flush mount album is approximately 3-4 weeks.  Please keep in mind that the time frame given is merely an estimate.  Our normal production time varies according to our production demands.

What is the minimum page and maximum page allowed in your album?

The minimum page is 20 pages or equivalent to 20 sides or 10 spreads up to 50 pages or equivalent to 50 sides or 25 spreads.

Do you color correct my files?

It’s very important to have your monitor color corrected as we print without adjusting your look and style. Every photographer has a slightly different branded look that is unique to their studio. If in doubt, please contact us for some test prints.

How do I calibrate my monitor?

Please calibrate your monitor professionally. There are a number of products that do this for you including Spyder Data Color, Eye-One ,Once calibrated, you might wish to do a test print.

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